Monday, October 25, 2010

Setting Up the Store!

So much has happened!
I am about to open a co-operative style store full of hand-made goods in Astoria, Queens.  It all started when I was dropping off some babyNOIR merchandise atKrisTEES.  I was telling the owner Kristie that someone should take advantage of the market she developed in that part of Astoria for the past 5 years by providing a beautifully chosen designer fashion in the area.  There are many young, hip people in my neighborhood, but they mostly go to Manhattan and Brooklyn to shop.KrisTEES changed that a bit.  I told her I would like to open a store in a few years, with babyNOIR and babySOLAIRE along with some complimentary lines.  Then, she told me about a little store front available a block from hers.  She said, "someone should turn that into a cool boutique."

My brains did some working behind my back for a few days - you know how you can't really trust your own brains with interesting information - then one day I suddenly an idea about a co-op style store for all my creative friends and colleagues.  It was brilliant!  By sharing the overhead cost, I didn't have to carry the burden of it all by my self.  And, all my friends who'd been wanting to have a venue to sell their creations will have a space with walls and a roof!

I signed the lease (super cool landlady!), got the liability insurance, opened the Con Edison account, started leaving fliers everywhere, painted the walls (til 3am!!), got the furniture in (thanks, Gary!!), and got the first artist's creations in - MSG by Mami Suzuki!  The door is to open on November 3rd, and grand opening soiree in the evening of the 5th!

Will keep you posted!