Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year Hop Hop

Just drew a couple of bunnies on our store window.  It is the year of the rabbit.  Ken walks by and says, "you know, no one would get that unless they're Asian."  Ahahaha.  No matter!

People are starting to come to Creators' Co-Op from other Boroughs.  The first was right before the Christmas, a gentleman who lives in Inwood - my old neighborhood in upper Manhattan - coming in after work in midtown for his holiday shopping.  He walked in with, "this is Creators' Co-Op, right? 26-16 23rd Avenue?"  Very exciting.  He mentioned the little article on Time Out New York.  I guess these things do help.

We're having our New Year Celebration Event this Saturday the 8th all afternoon, with live music, wine, cheese, and hot apple cider.  Figured it will be a nice way to start the year. 

Let's see how we can keep on hopping!  On our right is one of Art And Adventures' "Encouragement" Card.  Stretching does us good.

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