Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Power of Gemstones - Agate

People have been drawn to gemstones since the beginning of time, and in today's modern world I feel that wearing handmade jewelry is an important way we can connect to mother nature. The decoration of ourselves with metals such as silver and gold and stones such as diamonds and quartz can have profound effects on our lives. Simply wearing a piece of jewelry can make you feel more beautiful and powerful, and many cultures believe crystals can physically heal the body.

Be it for well-being or vanity, it's fun to explore the many different minerals out there and notice which ones speak to us personally. This year, I was especially drawn to agates, especially druzy agates, which receive their beautiful sparkle from crystalized water on their surface.

Agate, a type of quartz, is thought to promote physical and emotional balance. They aid in self-acceptance, self-awareness, and, when worn upon the chest, can overcome heartache. But even if you don't believe in all that, they can still make you look damn good and bring a smile to your face!

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